I have a photographer. Why do I need a wedding cinematographer?

Here's the best answer I can give. Imagine you have a choice to view your grandparents' wedding photo album or their wedding video with motion, voices, toasts, laughter, etc. You can only choose one - Which would it be? Photography is a very important and traditional part of every wedding day and captures images of memorable moments.  Investing in wedding videography services lets you relive not only the memories, but also how the day felt. From the nervousness in your voice while exchanging your wedding vows to the motion of your first dance, the tenderness of the dances between you and your parents, the applause from your guests as you enter your reception hall, and the funny and emotional words in your Best Man's and Maid of Honor's toasts every time you watch your film. While photos tend to capture snapshots of the big moments, a cinematic wedding film takes you back to the little moments and nervous breaths that led to those big moments-- and also allows you to see the things you weren't able to see because the whole day was a whirlwind of events, family and friends, and emotions.

Imagine if you were able to watch your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents getting married - you wouldn't give that up. Now imagine, 40 years from today, being able to share your memories including the voices and laughs, with generations to come.

We want to combine different wedding cinematography options. Can we create a custom wedding cinematography package?

Yes. Even though we offer four distinct wedding videography packages, you can pick elements from each to suit your needs. Costs will vary depending on the services and number of hours you choose.

Are there any extra, hidden costs?

No. The package price on your contract is what you will pay. If there are travel or destination fees, this will be an up front conversation with you so you are aware of it. When you put together custom wedding videography packages, we will agree on the cost and that amount will be represented on your contract. We will also offer wedding videography discounts or specials from time to time. There are no hidden fees and no added charges.

How long have you been a wedding cinematographer?

While relatively new to the wedding genre, I have been a film producer for over ten years and shooting weddings for another five years. I have produced films and DVDs from start to finish in corporate and documentary nonprofit settings - from shooting to editing and applying special effects to voice-overs.  Shooting video and transforming it into a final work of art is a passion for me.

What kind of equipment do you use for wedding cinematography?

On location we use Canon High-def video cameras and DSLRs; For sound, we employ a combination of on-camera, off-camera, and lapel microphones placed in different areas which allows us to best capture all the sounds from your wedding ceremony; On-camera lights are used for really dark situations.

Do you use microphones for our wedding ceremony?

Yes, we use several. Wireless lapel microphones ensure that your voices are captured clearly and limit any background noises that might arise during the wedding ceremony. Another microphone is used to capture the ambient noise of the wedding ceremony. This includes music and singing. Still another mic may be used on musicians or elsewhere in the location. During editing, all these soundtracks are combined to ensure the highest quality sound.

Will you personally be the one shooting our wedding?

Yes. I will be the one you speak to on the phone or in person to set up all the final wedding videography arrangements, and the person you see on your wedding day. When you book a Save the Date or Engagement Session, my wife will often help with the shoot. She's such a creative force!  This is the personal touch we offer as a boutique studio.

What style of film do you produce?

Our style is a mix of documentary, cinematic and photo journalistic wedding videography. It's what I call CineDoc™ style. This means that we stay in the background as much as possible and shoot film as wedding events unfold, naturally, in front of us. Our eye is always focused on true cinematography and capturing timeless, artistic, personal moments. Still, as the bride and groom you have a lot of say about what tone/mood you want in your wedding film. The final result reflects your style and vision. This is something we discuss before the wedding to make sure we deliver on what you have in mind.

Our Style =Cinematic Documentary. Using professional film making techniques and small, unobtrusive cameras, we blend an elegant mix of photojournalism and documentary style to craft cinematic wedding films that evoke everything from the luxury and glamor of old Hollywood movies to the more edgy and modern mood of independent art films---while staying true to each couple's personalities and the intimacy and emotion of the day.

Our Philosophy: We'll make sure that all the laughter, kisses and smiles of your wedding day are captured artfully. We are there to be part of and blend into your day, not alter it. No big film crews, just a cinematographer's eye capturing life-long memories as a fun, no-stress adventure.

Our Work: Professional, personal and attentive.  You've worked tirelessly to create  a perfect setting for your celebration. Let us capture the wedding details  that make your day an exclusive event - family and friends, voices and words, and colors and themes.

What goes into editing a wedding film at Your Cinematic Wedding Studio?

Couples who book our services are looking for cinematic wedding films that are not only visually stunning but also artfully tell the story of the day.

While there are many wedding production houses out there with large teams of editors-for-hire that provide "do-it-yourself"-style services, we pride ourselves on being a small, professional, full service cinematic film studio. We take the time to learn more about you as a couple and make sure that your individual personalities shine through in your film.

Using our expertise in documentary film making, we specialize in crafting personal, unique, emotional wedding films--- and there's so much more happening behind-the-scenes weeks after filming your wedding. Beyond the hours filmed on-location, it is not unusual for us to spend 30-50 hours editing each wedding film. We pay close attention to the details, we focus on creativity, and make sure that there is always consistent high quality. We never outsource the editing of your wedding film.


Is the “music video” wedding highlight reel going to be available as a chapter on the final wedding DVD in addition to being available online to share?


Yes, we include the highlight reel as its own chapter on your final wedding DVD. We also provide you with your own dedicated page on our website where your video embedded and friends and family can leave comments. Just post this link to facebook, twitter or instagram to share a little piece of your wedding with everyone.

Do you offer Destination Wedding Videography Services

Yes we do! We have one flat-rate Destination Weddings Package that includes unlimited hours of coverage. We understand that there is so much more going into a destination wedding, it only makes sense to provide unlimited coverage, which also allows us to shoot cinematic shots throughout the day (sunrise, sunset, and other events in between). This package includes everything available in the Crown Jewel videography package, unlimited HD coverage on your wedding day and your choice of wedding celebration coverage of either your rehearsal OR any celebrations on the day after. Travel charges are applied. Contact Us for more information.

How much does HD wedding cinematography cost?

We believe you do not have to pay a fortune to get the quality wedding videography you deserve. Not all videographers or cinematographers include HD filming as part of their wedding packages and some charge time for set up and take down. There can also be exorbitant charges for services like filming of preparations, extra DVDs or raw footage. We believe in providing high value, high quality, cinematic work for a reasonable and fair price. Contact us to learn more.

Is your approach unobtrusive? How do you keep from getting in the way of the wedding events?

We understand the importance of making you and your guests comfortable and avoiding the chaos of making your wedding day feel as though it is taking place on a blockbuster movie set. We stay in the background and watch the day unfold naturally-- the end result is an elegant and emotional wedding film.

How long will it take to receive my final wedding film on DVD?

You will receive your finished wedding DVDs and Highlight Reel within 90 days of your wedding.

Save the Dates on Film, how does this work? What do we need to provide?

Our Save the Dates are a very unique alternative to traditional save the date paper cards and magnets. This service is available whether you're on the east or west coasts, or in between. If you’re camera shy, no worries! We’ve got you covered!

Here’s how it works: 1. You tell us the story of your relationship and engagement in your own words 2. Provide us with digital photos and video from your relationship 3. Describe your wedding theme, your hobbies, and the little things in your personalities that complement each other 4. We create a very unique Save the Date or Invitation film in one of 3 styles 5. We provide you with your own webpage to share your Save the Date video with friends and family. If you’d like to keep the tradition of sending a themed save the date card or invitation in the mail, just include the link to your page for a more personal touch that invites your guests and announces the news, in your own words! If you still want to have the feel of paper, you don't have to give it up! We have an option for that too.

We offer three Save the Date packages- Love. Animated (a sweet and fun mix of photo, video, animation and 3-D editing), Photorealism (a live photo/video shoot during your engagement session, limited to NYC, NJ area).