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We want to thank every single one of the couples who have given us a chance to film their beautiful wedding and trust us to provide breathtaking wedding films!  We’re not done yet!  This is only the beginning!  We always pride ourselves on continuing to expand our knowledge and skill-set so that we can provide our couples with the most cinematic films and best service possible!

Keri + Austin @ The Paramount Country Club

Keri and Austin were married at the Paramount Country Club in New City, New York on a very hot and humid afternoon. One thing I always love as a wedding cinematographer is when a couple writes their own, personalized vows. It's nice to hear about the little things and the big things that drew them together in the first place, and the things that (will) keep them going for years to come. And Keri and Austin did that with flying colors. In fact, they each got applause when they finished and there weren't many dry eyes when they were done.

After filming their wedding, hearing their vows, and listening to the toasts I know that the WWE is HUUGE for them (or maybe just Austin, but Keri puts up with it) and so I wish them the best as they go forward as the greatest tag team on Earth.

Best Wishes!