This blog includes our latest collection of wedding films and thoughts around trends in the wedding industry..

We want to thank every single one of the couples who have given us a chance to film their beautiful wedding and trust us to provide breathtaking wedding films!  We’re not done yet!  This is only the beginning!  We always pride ourselves on continuing to expand our knowledge and skill-set so that we can provide our couples with the most cinematic films and best service possible!

Here's Why I Do It....

Just got an amazing review from a client on Wedding Wire. And it backs up the reason I do this - to give my clients something they'll have to show their kids, grand kids and great-grand kids.

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Michael!! Using Michael @ Your Cinematic wedding was one of the best choices we made! A friend used him (I was in the wedding party) and I recall Michael being awesome and the description on his website describes him perfectly - especially being unobtrusive. We loved my friends highlight reel and video. From that experience, we met with Michael about filming our wedding! He captures every moment beautifully!! When we got our highlight reel, we couldn't wait to watch it. From seeing that, I could not wait for the video. It was amazing- the quality, Michael's style, and revisiting our wedding day. My family watched the video, there was a group of 20 of us, and everyone said it was like a movie. Michael took every important moment of the day, and some funny/fun ones, and made a wonderful video for us! We could not ask for more. We would recommend him to anyone hands down!! "  - Maria R.