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We want to thank every single one of the couples who have given us a chance to film their beautiful wedding and trust us to provide breathtaking wedding films!  We’re not done yet!  This is only the beginning!  We always pride ourselves on continuing to expand our knowledge and skill-set so that we can provide our couples with the most cinematic films and best service possible!

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

I was filming a Love Story with a couple in Central Park recently and they asked me a really great question. They wanted everyone to remember their wedding, and they wanted friends and family to know how much they were in love. So they asked me the types of things other couples had done to make their day unique. A couple things came to mind really quickly, and a few others took a little thought.  I want to share with others what I told them because I know a lot of my clients wonder the same thing. 1. - Personalized Vows. This one was really easy to come up with and the first one to come to mind. They can be quite powerful and memorable. Whether they are heart-felt promises or funny vows that break the tension a little bit, they're a great way to make your wedding ceremony stand out. It's an incredible thing to see guests tearing up when a couple puts their feelings out in the open for everyone to hear. I know it's not always possible to do this - especially in ceremonies where tradition is extremely important, but even in those cases the officiant might make a little compromise if you ask.

2. - Perform at your own wedding. This one might scare you a little bit, but believe me when I tell you that this is a story your guests are going to come away with. I've filmed a lot of weddings in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and beyond and performances always stand out for me too. It's very touching for a bride or groom to sing a song for the other, or for one of them to perform a traditional dance. I worked with a couple once and the bride actually went and rehearsed with the band several times before the wedding. Lots of tears in the room that night at the reception. It might sound scary, but it's something to think about...

3. - Have someone else perform at your wedding. And I mean something other than the live band that will be playing the dance music at your reception. The best example I can give is a Chinese bride who shared her culture with her groom by surprising him and their guests with lion dancers. The looks on their faces were priceless and it was extremely fun to watch and film.

4. -Bring something new to your reception. Here's where your guests will be spending most of the their time with you, and where they'll have the most fun. Some examples I've seen are a cigar rolling station, poker and gaming tables, a photo booth (which is always a blast and gives your guests a take away), and fireworks show. The possibilities are endless so give it a shot!

5. - Have fun! So many times I've seen couples who get caught up in the stress of making sure their day goes perfect. I hate to tell my clients this, but something always goes less than perfect on the day of. But it's really okay. A lot of times it's those moments that they remember for the rest of their lives. If you let go and decide to have fun, everyone picks up on it and your wedding is the one they'll tell everyone about. Jaclyn and Anthony had one of those days. They may be the craziest (in a good way) couple I've had the chance to work with and it shows throughout their Highlight Reel (take a good look at 3:08 in the Reel for an example).