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We want to thank every single one of the couples who have given us a chance to film their beautiful wedding and trust us to provide breathtaking wedding films!  We’re not done yet!  This is only the beginning!  We always pride ourselves on continuing to expand our knowledge and skill-set so that we can provide our couples with the most cinematic films and best service possible!

3 Wedding Trends for 2016


At the end of each year things start to slow down a little. For some reason the cold, wet months of winter just aren’t as popular as spring and summer for weddings around here. Those of us who get to slow down too (at least a little bit) – wedding photographers, DJs, venues, wedding cinematographers – get a chance to look around.

One thing that always interests me is to look back over the year and see what traditions have changed from the one before. A couple years ago it was the garter toss. Some couples still do it, but a lot of those who do are kind of keeping it on the clean side these days. And at some point, couples stopped using “Here Comes the Bride” for the walk down the aisle. I really don’t hear it much at all anymore.

Here are 3 Wedding Trends that are starting to make an appearance - just in time for 2016.


 Are the days of the traditional wedding dress coming to an end for now?

Are the days of the traditional wedding dress coming to an end for now?

Here's something I'm hearing quite a bit about. Brides are taking a second look at the traditional wedding dress fashion. There are more and more articles talking about up-coming styles ranging from more skin, 3-D constructed dresses and even pants. I can't say I've heard all of them mentioned, but there is definitely a trend towards going a little more non-traditional.


One change that definitely seems to be happening is that my clients want to make things more fun for their guests during cocktails and the reception. This summer I had several clients rent outdoor games for their guests. Cornhole anyone? And just last week another couple who booked their wedding with me told me they plan to have oversized board games for people to play.

I remember when my wife and I got married – already 6 years ago! I didn’t feel like we needed to do anything special for our guests during cocktails and the reception. It seemed like everyone had a great time catching up, dancing and eating…always eating! But times change. This might be something to keep in mind for your own wedding.


 Monica and David; Married at the Crossed Keys Inn complete with a vintage red Dodge.

Monica and David; Married at the Crossed Keys Inn complete with a vintage red Dodge.

Vintage weddings were really big for my 2015 clients. I have to admit that I really like them. Even weddings that weren't planned to be "vintage" had elements of the look - from flowers to details, and groomsmen in suits rather than tuxedos. One couple went so far as to include an old red Dodge to take pictures with. Another had a Great Gatsby theme. I think Vintage weddings are here to stay for at least a little while, ut I wonder how long? I already hear my 2016 clients talking about other styles like "Rock-n-Roll" fashion.