Emotional Cinema is what fuels our drive to create a wedding film that is unlike what you will find elsewhere. What this means is we put a lot of time and professional expertise into our work. As a boutique studio, we keep the number of weddings we film each year down so that we can focus on the quality of the work we produce. And we get to know our couples so that we can create a film that is reflective of their life and their story.

Our Style = Cinematic Documentary. We blend an elegant mix of photojournalism and documentary style to craft cinematic wedding films that evoke everything from the luxury and glamour of old Hollywood movies to the more edgy and modern mood of independent art films---while staying true to each couple's personalities and the intimacy and emotion of the day.

My career in cinematography stems from over 15 years of professional experience producing documentaries from start to finish.

So why weddings?

Weddings are kind of like the ultimate documentary. They tell the story of two lives coming together and of tradition, the past, and new beginnings. They're dramatic, emotional, beautiful and deeply personal.

The idea of Wedding Films also hit close to home when my now wife and I found ourselves spending months looking for a cinematographer for our own wedding a few years ago. It wasn't as easy as expected to find work that not only looked beautiful and filmic but was also incredibly personal, natural and emotional.

We didn't want to be treated like just another couple plugged in as the characters of the same story line "vows-venue-cake" nor did we want to be awkwardly stuck in the middle of a big, constantly sliding-sweeping-swirling production team running around with gear. Our film had to be personal, reflect us, our style, our voices, our little quirks. And we had to feel comfortable.

We decided to put our talents together to not only have our own wedding captured in the way that we wanted but also to build a uniquely creative wedding cinematography studio from the ground up. We weren't sure how couples would respond to a guy who really loves film and who spent his whole life filming documentaries, applying his storytelling approach to their wedding films but it works.
Now we celebrate with couples through every step of their planning process and after--- whether they are planning a very private and intimate event or being featured in a national magazine. It's an adventure and we love every minute of it.

Our goal at the end of each day is to create great films that make brides and grooms, families, and potential grandchildren very happy.

- Michael